Scone Burgers?! That sounds amazing!

And it is! Jolley Bros. Scone Burgers is a well known secret in central and southern Utah. Instead of using typical hamburger buns, they use scones! If I'm being honest, it really was one of the best hamburgers I've ever had in my life. This little food truck deserves to be on man vs food for sure.

Jolley Bros was actually facing going out of business do to a trademark infrigement lawsuit from a company out of Salt Lake. Their intention was never focused on infringing on the other company's brand and so an emergency re-brand was in order. They decided to change their name from Saltair Burger Co. to Jolley Bros. Jordan Jolley, owner and founder of Jolley Bros. was very pleased with the redesign. Unfortunately, funds were still ultra tight and the business still had to close down, but only temporarily. Jolley Bros has plans to reopen soon and even has plans to open up a drive-in in Salt Lake City!