DigiCert Certificate Inspector

Do you remember how many ssl certificates you have installed in your network? If you're like most IT admins, you probably have a spreadsheet somewhere buried in your files with the expiration dates. But more importantly, are all of those certificates installed and configured correctly? When was the last time you checked? These kind of questions are easily answered with one of DigiCert's newest products Certificate Inspetor™.

One of the biggest and complicated interface design projects I've ever done. I needed to create an interface that easily allowed users to see all of the ssl certificates installed on their servers/network, see a breakdown of the endpoints and how they're graded in terms of security, and have an easy way of re-installing/renewing certificates.I also had to create a unique logo design for the product that symbolized discovering certificates or hidden vulnerabilities lurking in a network.

  • Februrary 17, 2014
  • UI Design, Web, User Experience
  • DigiCert, Inc.