Elysium eCommerce Presta-Shop Theme

A friend and I decided it would be fun to design and develop a presta shop theme for the online fashion sales crowd. Based off of my experience with redesigning large-scale eCommerce websites, we would utilize order process best practices and easy to use design to develop a killer eCommerce theme. I would take care of the design and user experience, my friend would take care of the development.

Unfortunately we couldn't find a quality developer in time to finish the project, so this project currently sits on my back burner. I wasn't fond of making it a presta-shop theme anyway and would rather make it a Magento theme instead. When I pick this project back up, I'll most likely make it a Magento theme and submit it to a popular theme selling website. Keep your eyes on my blog as I'll be taking up this project again in the near future!

  • November 12, 2014
  • UI Design, Web, User Experience
  • Elysium eCommerce Theme