SSL Product Logos

While DigiCert provides SSL Certificates, that's not the only product they provide. Many different products such as Extended Validation or (green bar assurance) certificates, certificates for signing code, and many other products related to managing ssl and protecting servers.

When I was approached by the DigiCert executive team to make these product logos, the requirements were that the logos stay very similar and consistent, but at the same time very different. One thing that stuck out to me about DigiCert's products were that some of them were basically a basic product with lots of extras like 'Extended Validation.' Because people typically associated extended validation with the green address bar, I denoted those SSL products that featured EV with the color green. One of the greatest things about DigiCert and it's products, is that they are constantly trying to make the certificate management process as simple as possible. I'm never surprised when I'm approaced to brand a new SSL product that they're planning to release.

  • September 23, 2012
  • Logo Design, Product Identity, Branding
  • DigiCert, Inc.