DigiCert Corporate Website Redesign

SEO is very important in the realm of SSL. With so many different companies selling such similar products, SEO becomes very important. When I was approached by our executive team to take on a complete redesign of our corporate website, this point was made very clear to me that they did not want to jeopardize their search engine rankings.

With nearly a thousand pages and multiple languages to consider, the design overhaul of DigiCert's corporate website was a daunting task. Without any existing user testing to go off of, I was left making the best initial user experience decisions that I could with the intention of continued testing and progress.

Now two years later, and several UX changes to the website based off of successful multivariate testing, DigiCert has enjoyed an over 50% increase in users and just under 40% increase in pageviews. In terms of how that's effected retail sales? Last month was our biggest month since the companies inception in 2003. Now I obviously can't attribute all of that success to just the redesign, but I can proudly say that my design did exactly what I wanted it to. There were no negative effects on SEO, bounce rates dropped, useability related analytics increased, and in the end the new design harboured the perfect environment to help retail sales grow.