Helvetica. Inspiring and infuriating designers for over 50 years.

Ah yes Helvetica. Every type-savvy designers old friend. That is, that old friend that you occasionally bicker with every once in a while. Sometimes you love, and sometimes you hate it.

Originally named 'Neue Haas Grotesk', Helvetica was designed by Max Miedinger in 1957 with input by Eduard Hoffmann. Their goal - 'to create a neutral typeface that had great clarity, no intrinsic meaning in its form, and could be used on a wide variety of signage.' I'd say they did just that. Helvetica is one of the most used typefaces today. This poster was created to show off the typeface as well as give a little insight into it's Swiss history.

  • November 9, 2009
  • Poster Design, Typography, Print,
  • Helvetica Typography Poster